2. Autumnal Equinox Evolution


The seasons change inspires more conversations

Equinox Button“Leaves have turned their fiery lullabies towards the sun
And all the pageant justifying he who has won…”

Harvest the transformations of your True Spirit as the energy intensifies

With the success of the summer Solstice Celebration presenting and recording inspiring conversations about life and living in this time of incredible change, the momentum continues to create a series that promotes living from the heart and following dreams with passion.

Our hearts are full of love and life as we move toward the Winter Solstice. The end of the Mayan Calendar presents an opportunity for us to create an attitude of change and the time becomes “…the end of the world has we know it,” a time of rebirth and rejuvenation.

What part will you play? How do you look at your life and decide which parts to keep and which to let go along with the ancient ways of counting time? Are you paying attention? Or just slogging along?

While no one should presume to tell another one how to live, these conversations are intended to provide inspiration and accountability for our lives and loves and the efforts we make to create reality out of possibilities.

tomKaypache is a man with a vision reaching gazillions of miles across the universe and a sense of the movement of planets in relation to our own lives. He sees this time of transformation has a leap into a new paradigm that unites us instead of the opposing forces that have controlled relationships over the last thousands of years. His perspective is insightful and invigorating, inspiring and informative, but mostly humble and humorous. Tom’s astrological reports are seen by more than 10,000 viewers each week on Youtube .

TinaTina Van Leuven founded Inner Delight with the vision of being a catalyst and initiator for global transformation by empowering as many people as possible to experience the joy from awakening their inner (de)light. She has a Ph.D. in Healing Science and is also qualified and experienced in many energy releasing techniques. As joy ambassador on the Joy Sprinkle Trail, she is currently traveling around the world, letting joy guide her, interviewing others who are following the path of their heart and sharing what that means to them.

The work of InnerDelight is expressed in the motto: “Experience the connection that changes everything.”

Paxton RobyPaxton Robey is an engineer with a degree in Engineering Physics. He has worked in the corporate world, owned and operated a solar energy engineering business, and in the 1980’s, he taught at Oklahoma State University in the School of Electronics and Computer Technology. For the next ten years, as a consultant, he did training for large corporations and the US Department of Defense in the field of computer networking.

In 1968, Paxton became aware of his connection to the spiritual realms through the gift of psychic functioning and channeling. For over 40 years, he has done psychic counseling. He has given numerous talks and facilitated many workshops with metaphysical and spiritual seekers. As an intuitive mystic, he has an understanding of how we can expedite our own path to awkakening. His bliss is sharing his vision of self awakening and planetary awakening with others.


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