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Zen & the Art of the Midlife Crisis

Wrestling a sub-prime mortgage in the panic of 2008, a job to fix a toilet provides the opportunity to renovate a life. The loss of parents and two homes, a marriage ending and a business closure create a perfect storm of crisis for the author, forcing a review of his past to find solutions to live a more authentic future.

It’s the men’s version of “Eat, Pray, Love”, only without the romance, exotic travel and $100,000 budget–just trying to make ends meet and find sense in the changes.

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Enjoy the inspiring music that is a companion theme to the book “Zen & the Art of the Midlife Crisis”. In rowdy anthem or soothing ballad, Kip sings about following dreams and living with passion.

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Small ChangeSmall Change: stories of the heart

Tales of revelation in the small moments of daily lives, these four stories have in common the point of leverage when a choice makes all the difference and the heart is transformed.

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